The Best Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs

Just like any other job or industry, entry level oil rig jobs start you off at base salaries.  Most people are seeking these entry-level jobs because of the room for individual success, and the fact that so many experienced oil rig worker jobs are paying well over  $100,000 a year.

I don’t know what you’re looking at, but a lot of beginners are looking at the starting salaries and wanting to be a part of that opportunity.  Once you find out how to get oil rig jobs you will be able to move around and up in this industry.

You’ll find that some oil rig workers who are specialized in their jobs, are earning salaries close to $300,000 a year.  Be aware though, these positions, as well as entrance level jobs will require you to work long hours, and to be dedicated to the job, safety, and your team.


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Oil Rig Jobs

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Due to the nature of these oil and gas jobs most all of these positions will require you to work long hours in hazardous places.   If you’re looking at offshore jobs, or inland oil drilling jobs, working 80 hours a week is pretty common.  So your access to these careers will demand dedication as you move up the ladder of success.

You just need to be aware that as a beginner, if your dreams are big, you will be required to give up a lot to realize them on the rigs. You will enter into a life where you will be expected to be working hard all the time you are on duty, often under difficult circumstances and often in difficult weather.

No matter what you’re position is, and that you are working as an apprentice, you will be required to work just like everyone else.   As you are learning the skills needed to succeed, you will be seeing what is involved in the oil rig roustabout jobs which may be your next step up the ladder of success.  You will need to be ready for the physically and mentally challenging task and have that roughneck attitude to leave your entry level oil rig job and make it big as a qualified rig worker.

Oil Rig Jobs for Beginners

Are you still with me?  If none of this has scared you off, then you may be a part of a small percentage of people who aren’t afraid to get dirty and tired and go after the high paying jobs on an oil rig..  If you’re still interested, I’ll share with you some entry level oil rig offshore jobs that you can apply for.

Like any other industry, the first key to entrance into these lucrative careers will be to get your foot in the door.   Whether you will be seeking rough neck opportunities or the oil rig IT jobs that are prevalent these days, your first order of business is to land a job.  After that, you can begin to develop your career and advancement.  The key to the oil and gas industry is to get started, so you can advance your way up in position and money.

Entry-Level Oil Rig Jobs

1. Floor hand – Every job on an oil rig is essential to it’s operation, and even though theirs is not so prestigious, floorhand jobs on an oil rig is important.  A floor hand does the manual jobs like maintenance, cleaning, and repairs.  If you are able to go to work as a floorhand, you will be learning from the bottom up, while getting certifications, licenses, and training to advance your career.

2. Offshore Welding Jobs –  Welders are essential to the rigs, so if you have any experience in welding it will be a plus on your resume.  As a welder you will have free boarding, and earn $40,000 a year.

3. Oil rig Steward Jobs – Stewards keep the kitchen clean and in working order, and are under the supervision of the cooks.  You find that the kitchen is a very important part of life offshore.  The steward job may not sound like much, but like all offshore oil jobs every person on-board is essential to the overall success of the operation.

Entry Level Oil Field Jobs

1.  When you are seeking entry jobs you need to be willing to except anything that is offered to you.  When you are looking for oil field jobs the prize is the first offer, not the job what ever level it happens to be on.  That’s because once you are working on the oil rig as an apprentice you will become familiar with what you need to do to move into job you really want to perform.

2.  When you are entering information on your resume, be sure that you don’t take any past work experience lightly.  List everything you have every done that’s work related.  Most of the people responsible for hiring for entry level offshore jobs are looking for someone who is willing to work at anything that is available.

If you have the drive to succeed in pressing on until you land your first job, and you are willing to work at getting along with your teammates and doing your job, then oil drilling jobs can be a way into the good life for you.

There are a lot of people applying for these entry level jobs every day and most of them will never have their resumes looked at because they didn’t really know what information the personnel department was looking for on the resume.  In fact, after a time they will give up and say that they couldn’t find any entry level oil field jobs.

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If you don’t want to be in that category of greenhorns you are going to need someone to help you get hired.  Go ahead and click on the link and sign up for the free tips so you’ll be better prepared to apply for those entry level oil rig jobs.


  1. Jon Marion says

    I would have the interest for this thing. Is it I must have perfect English for to do this? I would like very much this money from this job.

    • Mike says

      Hi Jon
      You don’t have to have perfect English, but you’ll need to be able to speak and write English. Just send off a resume, and make some money!

  2. Eric Fernand says

    Horribly terrible job, despite Jobs on offshore oil rigs pay really good and you have 50% of the year off to do other stuff which is great.

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